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SLA honored for estimate and repair. Mom-and-Pop outfit but superb fielding from Connecticut office helped out tremendously to soothe my impatience.Unfortunately, the cryptic response to my post-service request for assistance leads me to believe that local service (if available) is the more prudent way to proceed.A new board was installed and no check was performed on writing to an SD card by the service technician - I did not foresee this exception. I will use a new SD card (after formatting it, of course).read more
Matha Goram
Matha Goram
23:09 10 Sep 18
Sent floor model oxygen concentrator from Texas to Ocala, Fl for repairs. Very easy online shipping arrangement. Concentrator returned within 2-3 weeks in good repair. Total costs including shipping both ways about $230. Sending second unit today and will follow up with new rating on this unit including repair costs. Seems to be honest, strait forward service provider. more
David Carroll
David Carroll
22:31 26 Feb 18
Outstanding service from start to finish.
15:47 18 Mar 15