Altra CPAP Repair Reviews

User reviews are so important in this digital age. It is a way for a potential customer to become more comfortable with an “internet” company by reading reviews from actual customers. If you are reading this, please consider leaving a review based on your experience with Altra CPAP Repair. To all that take the time to write a review, whether here or on another site, thank you for sharing your cpap repair experience!

Michael J.
01:57 30 Sep 22
Turnaround time was excellent . The whole process was quick and easy. Would not hesitate to use the service again
Saul S.
22:48 29 Sep 22
Restored to perfection in a reasonable period of time at a reasonable price. Tough to as for anything more.
Lee M.
22:19 29 Sep 22
Corrected my problem.Works like new.
Angus M.
19:32 29 Sep 22
Absolutely the best and fastest service and repair I've had in years! Excellent communication throughout the whole process.
Robert L.
18:15 29 Sep 22
Testing & repair was done very quickly, would not hesitate to use them again for any problem
Danny S.
18:14 29 Sep 22
Personable, honestly I don't know if that was the best price but, I needed it so I got it, got in timely manor and easy to pay
Mike A.
18:08 29 Sep 22
Super easy to deal with. Quick process
Alan M.
15:50 25 Sep 22
Need to update website - CPAP repair process from the time it left my house to the time it was returned was almost a month and that was with my requesting updates and approving and paying for the repairs within minutes. If you rely on your CPAP , be aware you are going to be without it for a while. Machine seems to be like new, so I’d say the workmanship is good.
Kevin W.
02:37 24 Sep 22
Very good communications, Repair was completed exactly as explained and for the estimated price. My machine works like new again. I'm very satisfied with their service and will use again if needed.
anthony P.
20:49 23 Sep 22
They were good communicators, checked out my insurance coverage, and got my machine restored and back to me quickly. I couldn't have asked for more. Phillips
Tom G.
16:03 23 Sep 22
Repaired device to perfect operating condition
Sharon W.
16:01 23 Sep 22
I am so impressed with Altra CPAP service and speed it took to have my CPAP machine returned fully functional with a new motor. I will highly recommend this company as the best.
Samuel B.
15:41 23 Sep 22
I have used ASP for repairs to two of my CPAP's and in both instances the service was impeccable with excellent "turn around" times and their prices were excellent when compared with comparable service facilities. I highly recommend them to anyone needing CPAP repairs.
Gary B.
15:37 23 Sep 22
Professional services Great communications quick response I will definitely use this company again Quality work
john C.
15:10 23 Sep 22
ASP did a perfect job repairing my "Cpap" machine. They set all the levels and parameters back to what they originally were. They tested everything on the machine, and included the readouts in the box. You could not ask for a better repair process. Bob D did an excellent job repairing my airsense 10 "Cpap" machine!!!!
Steven S.
14:47 23 Sep 22
Fantastic service , In and out in about an hour and all issues resolved. Highly recommend.
George R.
10:46 06 Sep 22
My ResMed CPAP developed a noisy blower after several years of daily use. Since my local company would prefer selling a new unit rather than repairing a good one, I found this company online. Based on the reviews, I gave them a try. They offer a very streamlined process. Simply request a UPS label for your box and drop it off. Within few business days, they emailed me with a flat rate quote of $275. It was paid through the attached link, serviced, and shipped back to me. 6 days total. The machine looked like brand new. Money well spent, breathing again...quietly.
Brian E.
00:30 02 Sep 22
Easy to do everything online from submitting a request for a repair to getting a UPS label to getting them to inspect and advise as to the issue, payment, fix and return. Had a blower motor assembly go bad and it sounded like an 80 year old man with COPD! Fixed rate pricing. Back to me in a very reasonable time. My Resmed Airsense 10 is probably quieter than it has been in months. Back to factory quiet. The most important is the fair and reasonable cost and the quick turn. Less than 10 working days.
Dave D.
20:36 01 Sep 22
Great job of repairing my Resmed AirSense-10! Thanks!
Sandy B.
15:47 01 Sep 22
This company, Altra Service Professionals repaired my CPAP machine in a weeks time. I mailed it on a Friday and had it back the following Friday and it is working great again. Great service and great company. I would highly recommend. Thank you.
Scott D
14:26 01 Sep 22
Fast service with reasonable prices. Very happy with my repair and the customer service received
graciela ines olmos T.
01:33 01 Sep 22
Such an excellent service, we had to send the simply go machine from overseas which was very stressful but they always respond my e mails and question in such a nice way and deliver a great job with the machine we couldn`t be happier thank you altra service, for us these means a lot.
Ross S.
02:15 29 Aug 22
Machine works better than when i bought it!!Fabulous job!!
Phillip D.
09:58 26 Aug 22
Quick service and inexpensive. The device works better than it was when it was new.
Ed V.
16:26 25 Aug 22
I use them twice and have my CPAP machine repaired and returned next day.
Theresa P.
14:35 23 Aug 22
I needed to contact to receive update on my repair after sending it. They also stated that I would receive an invoice to pay before work was to be done. I didn't get one but while I was in my Paypal account, I saw the charge to be paid there...??? So I paid right then. After that, I received my machine promptly. Also, the cost of repair was 50% cost of the machine itself!! Positive, the machine works better than it has the past year or two.
Robert B.
18:32 22 Aug 22
Marlen M.
15:29 22 Aug 22
This is the second time using this service. We are pleased with the quality of work and urgent response to our request . They have excellent shipping and diagnostic logistics . We will definitely recommend this company to our friends and family .
Brian R.
15:17 22 Aug 22
Used them twice and both times the repair and the communication was excellent! I will keep using and recommend you do as well.
Don M.
23:44 21 Aug 22
I'm so impressed with Altra I hardly know where to begin. I first brought my faulty machine to Lincare where I originally obtained it. They sent it to ResMed. Now this is a medical device but neither Lincare nor ResMed anything like a loaner or demo or any kind of substitute for my machine while it was being repaired. Lincare never contacted me to let me know the status of the machine. Did ResMed get the machine? Could they repair it? When would I get it back? Crickets. After I called them several times they told me that the repair at ResMed would take 8-10 weeks! I had them send the unrepaired machine back to me.I then discovered Altra and called them. They told me it would take about 1-1/2 weeks and they even published the estimated repair costs on their website. As soon as I got the machine back from ResMed I sent it to Altra. Their process is simple and straightforward. The most complicated part is dropping it off at a UPS store which is - ummm, not complicated.I got an acknowledgment of receipt and a repair estimate within a couple days. I had a question about the estimate and emailed them. Surprise! An actual human responded to my question in a couple hours. I approved the repair and had the machine back in 8 days.These folks have their act completely together. I heartily recommend them for CPAP repair. Very, very impressive performance.
Lora S.
13:29 21 Aug 22
Amazing service and professionalism.Repaired my device in 24 hrsI was thrilled and would do business with them again in a heartbeatHighly recommend A+++
Don S.
23:38 19 Aug 22
Positive experience with this company. Took several months to get parts but not there fault. Equipment received back in good working order. Customer service very helpful and understanding of my situation.
John C.
13:47 15 Aug 22
Altra is excellent. The entire process is very easy. All you have to do is submit your request, print your shipping label and drop the package off at UPS. Turnaround time on estimate was very short, and the machine came back, expertly packed and works like new. Altra has repaired my Resmed twice and result has been the same. Great turnaround, service and price.
Jeffery G.
22:37 11 Aug 22
Contacted Altra, sent my machine which was under warranty, they replaced the noisy blower motor, and sent it back with a detailed service record. All for the cost of a UPS ground shipment. Thanks for a great job!
Larry F.
12:00 09 Aug 22
The customer service, repair service and price were excellent!The turnaround time was also excellent. My machine is super quiet and I'm thrilled. Thanks Altra.
Sandy B.
14:27 06 Aug 22
I dropped my cpap off at UPS on a MONDAY to be shipped to Altra. They checked it out and I got a text on THURSDAY as to what was wrong with it. I paid for the repair that day and received my machine is great condition on FRIDAY. Who gives service like that today? I slept like a baby last night and my husband was thrilled as he finally got some sleep too. I would highly recommend Altra.
Nicholas N.
00:15 27 Jul 22
They will not clean refurbished parts, and they do not replace filters.This is in reference to Sieve Bed Canisters or Assemblies, and compressors or pumps.From experience I have also noticed purity rates are not actual to refurbished labels, if not either leaking pressure, or just a bad repour.
F. T.
11:26 23 Jul 22
Shipped my CPAP to them on Saturday morning. They received, repaired, and had my unit back in the mail on Monday! Turnaround time was less than a week, and my unit runs like a champ. Laurie was my point of contact there and was a pleasure to work with. If your CPAP dies, you want these guys on your team. A+++
Joseph D.
02:22 17 Jul 22
Although my CPAP machine was repaired as needed, Altra CPAP Repair mishandled the return shipment. OK, mistakes happen, but what is most disappointing, they could have taken steps to rectify the shipping problem and they did nothing. In the end, I had to resolve the problem with UPS and drive 80 miles to pick up my package. If they drop the ball, they should at least pick it up.I am updating my review in response to the comments from the owner of Altra CPAP Repair:I posted this review for the benefit of future customers. When there was a problem with return shipping, Altra CPAP Repair did not follow through and resolve the problem. I stand by the facts as stated in my post.
Gary O.
20:20 16 Jul 22
Repairs were not cheap. but they were excellent! Fast courteous service and it runs better and is quieter than when it was new. I feel as if I have a new cpap machine now.
Jon H.
18:32 17 Jun 22
WOW!- I cannot believe how fast the turnaround time was! Very easy to send in, pay and get your item fixed in as minimal amount of time possible. Very responsive to all emails- great customer service.
Domingo J.
11:34 09 Jun 22
Perfect customer service. My machine was in and out within 3days. And most important it works as if new. Want to thank the crew.
Patti L.
22:26 03 Jun 22
I ordered a refurbished AirSep NewLife Intensity 10L Oxygen Concentrator from Altra Service Professionals. When I recieved it the unit was in good working condition. I ordered it be used while I use my Mild Hyperbaric Chamber (MHBOT). When I ran the tubing into the MHBOT the concentrator would not run as needed. I contacted Altra and sent it to them. They were so amazing and persistant at trying to find the solution. Bob, the best service professional I have ever met, spent many hours trying to figure out the issue. He was so kind, patient and helpful. Although, the machine tested out as working, they sent me another refurbished one that works with my MHBOT. I highly recommend this company!! Don't go anywhere else!!
Lisha J.
20:55 03 Jun 22
We are SO HAPPY with this service!! My mother accidentally dropped her POC machine, and cracked the screen, making it unable to use. We sent an email, got a quick response, and we mailed the unit in for repair. When we received the machine back it was basically BRAND NEW. My mom is now able to leave the house again and has her freedom back. The whole process was simple, easy to understand, and very affordable!! It was great from start to finish. Would DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!!
Charlie S.
18:06 13 May 22
I recommend Altra C-Pap Repair. My C-Pap was making a loud humming noise. I mailed my C-Pap to them on 5/4 and got it back on 5/12. They even checked to see if my machine was still under warranty, and it was! My only cost was for shipping the machine back to me. It was great to use my C-Pap last night and I got a good night's sleep again! Thank you, Altra, for your quick and excellent service! I would recommend Altra C-Pap Repair.
rene D.
12:46 21 Apr 22
Excellent in all respects. VERY professional.
David A.
00:09 14 Apr 22
My first experience with Altra was not positive and would have earned a two-star review. Parts were delayed and I was unable to get any information from the front desk. Later in the process I contacted one of the officers and received an immediate and helpful response. Since receiving my oxygenator back, I contacted him again (from a campground) about a problem and, again, received an immediate response that was right on point. We were able to fix our oxygenator on the spot with the information he provided. For that reason, I give Altra a five-star review.
Georgia P.
19:31 11 Apr 22
very prompt and thorough....about to send in my back up machine that has the same problem as the one I just had repaired.
06:54 10 Apr 22
Best customer service you could ever want.
Cappy C.
22:07 04 Apr 22
Just had my first experience with Altra in Ocala, FL - 5 stars. Spoke to Cassidy on the phone, very courteous and professional. Took my Caire Companion 5 concentrator to them for warranty repair. Met with Cecilia upon arrival, also very courteous and professional. Had my machine repaired and ready to give back to me within three hours. Repair technician took the time to explain exactly what they found and what they did by way of repair. All in all a very positive experience - I would recommend these folks in a heartbeat!
Jason B.
14:50 30 Mar 22
Had a problem with my CPAP ResMed Airsense 10. Sent it in for repair to Altra. They were prompt in letting me know they recieved it and that it may still be under warranty. They checked it out and let me know it was under warrrenty and made the repairs and shipped it right back to me. It has worked well. I only had to pay the cost of shipping. They were excellent to work with and if I have any future problems with my machine I will be back. Great experience.
Ryan H
14:35 30 Mar 22
Service rep was great and very helpful! Thank you Altra for repairing my CPAP!
Chris F.
19:44 29 Mar 22
Customer service rep was rude.
James B.
20:57 27 Mar 22
Hi my name is Jim and I live in a small town in Wisconsin, and I never do reviews but feel that this time I need to let everyone know that they will love the service that Altra Professionals provide. I own a Resmed 10 auto and it started to make a wheezing sound so I contacted the company that sold it to me and they said they could fix it but it would take up to two months to repair and they could rent me a machine until mine was repaired. Well 4 months later and $379,00 I received my machine back and when I turned it on the pressure was so high I could not use the machine. Needless to say I felt scammed, the company said they were not sure why the machine did that. Not wanting to deal with them any more I went online and found Altra Professionals, I called them and a female representative answered, she was very courteous and answered all my questions, so I filled out the repair form and received my shipping label and sent in my machine. within a week they sent me an estimate for the repair and said if I want to get it fixed all I need to do is approve the repair, I did and the next morning received an invoice with the cost of the repair and a secure website for payment, I was happy to see they accepted Paypal! I sent the payment right away and within a week received my machine back and it worked like brand new it only took two weeks total to repair my machine and the repair work is warrantied for 1 year. They are a very professional and Courteous company and I will be doing all of my future repair work with them.Thanks Altra, James
Shawn P.
15:52 23 Mar 22
Sent to Repair Authority just for routine service that wanted over $600 to rebuild something that was working. I got it back and sent it to Altra Servic Professionals they charged me $45 for full diagnostic and routine service. You tell me who you think the honest merchant is.
Diane E.
19:38 18 Mar 22
Altra was so very helpful and did a great job fixing my DeVilbiss concentrator. They worked with me to allow me to drop it off, then they diagnosed it for free, and then fixed it while I waited. I know they also do repairs on shipped units, and are authorized service center for several brands.Great people and very knowledgeable. Don’t give up if they don’t answer the phone quickly. They are busy in the back doing good work!highly recommend
Don F
17:57 14 Mar 22
I had my CPAP in for repairs as it had completely died and I rely on it. In less than two weeks I received it back working as it did when new. Thank you so much! This is a very valuable service especially with new machines not being available for some time. Thank you again! I HIGHLY recommend this service!
Dennis L.
16:13 12 Mar 22
Dropped off my cpac machine for repair and had it fixed by the next day at Berlin CT office. Great service,great people.
17:42 07 Mar 22
My machine had been making leaking noises and acting up for months, then the fan just stopped. I wrote emails to a number of companies that advertised that they repaired CPAP machines, with my model listed as one of the ones they repaired. I heard back from ASP almost immediately. One other company had written back the next day. I decided to go with ASP. The process of sending them my machine was easy. They notified me when they processed my shipment, with a complete estimate, including a gasket replacement. I immediately responded and paid for the service. Within a couple days they were shipping it back to me, which took two days. I don't remember my machine being so quiet. Very good job. I now know where to send my machine if I have any issues. Thank you.
Thomas W.
16:39 06 Mar 22
I had a ResMed CPAP that was approximately 6 years old. The machine failed to function and I was told by my supplier that I would have to wait approximately 12 weeks for a new machine. This was wholly untenable. My supplier suggested that I try Altra CPAP Repair. It did take four weeks, start to finish, to get the machine repaired and returned but I received the machine yesterday afternoon and got the first full night of restful sleep that I have gotten in over 8 weeks. The motherboard on the machine failed and it was expensive to repair but I would do it again in a heartbeat.All of the personnel at Altra were helpful and professional. Great experience!!!
Robert C.
19:40 18 Feb 22
Fast repair and kept me in the loop the whole time. Will definitely use again.
Mark D.
21:50 17 Feb 22
My CPAP machine was making a growling noise. My provider told me that it was probably a motor, but unfortunately was 2 mos out of warranty and of course, insurance wouldn’t replace it for another 3 years. They gave me their number, and I sent it in and got it repaired for about 1/4 the cost of a new one. Got it back and it’s as quiet as can be.
Robert L & Teresa Massey M.
20:33 10 Feb 22
Found Altra on line. Reviews sounded great. I found out that going to Respironics was going to take a while in fact a time period could not be confirmed. Talked with Altra rep and told them what noise my Airsense 10 was making and they gave me a general quote which was good. They sent the paper work on line, I filled it out, they sent a shipping label on line and I mailed the machine by UPS. About 3 days later I got an email telling me what they found and how much it would cost which was the amount I was quoted on the phone. I paid by Paypal, they replaced the blower motor and I received my 100% functioning CPAP by UPS. All together it took about 7 working days. I am very pleased with the whole experience.
Augusto T
01:40 07 Feb 22
Very honest with the service. You can not desperate since they always are in touch by e mail. Thanks.
T. Stan B.
04:40 06 Feb 22
Excellent service for all my product. Great Technicians.
Mark J.
18:46 25 Jan 22
Great Service. What a pleasure to do business with this company. They were quick to respond, quote was reasonable, and i got it back as promised in perfect working condition. Thanks again.
Leah M.
03:36 25 Jan 22
Frank R.
16:33 24 Jan 22
I had a noise problem with my CPAP machine and was told my machine was past the warranty and that I could not get another through Medicare until 2024. Then I found Altra service Professionals by phone calls and on Line. They were very efficient and polite and informative while explaining that they could repair my machine. They sent me the estimated cost and UPS delivery information immediately. I mailed the machine to them and within four days it was delivered back to me and was working perfectly. It was unbelievably fast and I would recommend them to anyone needing repairs on their CPAP machine.
Thomas A.
21:29 14 Jan 22
Always good doing business with Altra Service , Honest ,dependable and affordable they have taken care of Three different home units and 3 portables no complaints other than their emails going to Junk folders
Al F.
20:59 30 Dec 21
I am very disappointed with this company. I think they are trying to take advantage of people who need help, since there are few, if any, other companies doing this type of repair. Not only was their estimate way over the top, which I can deal with, but the attitude of the staff I spoke to was really poor. Very sarcastic to me when I asked some questions. That's why I am writing this review. I'd give them no stars if I could.
T D.
00:40 23 Dec 21
AAA+ service, quality and value!I highly recommend as a service and repair company. Altra repaired my cpap for the fraction of the cost of a new unit.They got it back to me very quickly as well. I’m 110% satisfied!!!
Yvonne S.
23:51 15 Dec 21
Did not get through to anyone and left a message for a return phone call as requested and no phone call received. Will try again tomorrow.
Roy P.
17:20 04 Dec 21
The machine looked almost new. I tested it immediately. Every function worked twice as good as it did when it was new. It was packed for return very carefully. It took some time to get back because of all the ports being closed. It was a little hard to be patient but well worth it. They will get all my business in the future.
Jeromy C.
14:45 29 Nov 21
Paul B.
03:23 26 Nov 21
I had two Phillips Simply-Go portable concentrator repaired at Altra POC. Not only was the repair superbly accomplished, but the experience from start to finish was outstanding, even though there was a long wait for the second repair. Superb team!! The cost was reasonable and it was a pleasure working with Altra. Thanks.
Ed P.
15:49 23 Nov 21
Found these guys while searching for repairs as a lot of locals won't work on what didn't sell. Shipped it to Altra, they let me know it arrived. Then couple days later contact was made with repairs needed, gave them a call ok'd repairs with payment. Received CPAP several days later and is working as it should. Will definitely be using again as needed.
Gary B.
21:41 16 Nov 21
Ray H.
20:30 13 Nov 21
Easy to ship to Altra, assessed my cpap about 3 days after sent and sent estimate of $272. Right after responded and paid communicated that would be done soon, about another 3 days. Repaired it quickly and emailed that had shipped. Had it back in about another 4 days so 10 days overall. Was whistling every time I breathed out, wife ready to shoot me. At least as good as new now and about 4 years old so was beyond warranty but prior to 5 year replacement coverage, so much cheaper and I'm still alive. Very pleased with service and their responsiveness and communication. Highly recommend!
Nat B.
21:37 20 Oct 21
Lived with a noisy CPAP for too long as I hemmed and hawed about buying a full new replacement. So glad I found this place! Good turnaround time, reasonable price, and my CPAP is whisper quiet again.
Clemente P.
21:39 16 Oct 21
After try to find service for my machine here in Canada, found ALTRA in the States. Great service! Very satisfied. Sure they knows how to repair a CPAP! Recommended! 10***
Jim D.
16:58 16 Oct 21
The process was simple and efficient. Submitted the request online, received a shipping label immediately. Followed up with an email to provide the repair results. Confirmed repairs and paid online. The entire process told about 2 weeks. Much cheaper than buying a new machine.
Andrew D.
20:54 11 Oct 21
Altra provided prompt service with complete repair of my CPAP machine. I have used Altra twice to my satisfaction.
00:02 02 Oct 21
I need help getting the plastic tubing coupling off my machine. Can you help?
Steve K.
17:45 24 Sep 21
Great repair service, repaired both of my machines, most recent focus oxy generator. Experienced long wait on 5 back ordered critical parts. Altra came through! Great job! Highly recommended
Sean W.
14:42 17 Sep 21
Service was extremely easy and the turnaround time was quick. They were extremely communicative and responded to every message/email and kept me informed every step of the way. I literally couldn't be happier about it.
Randy S.
16:11 08 Sep 21
I gave this company a negative review and a one star rating because of the service I felt I had received. Their management apparently responded. Subsequently Cassidy responded to me and was helpful, which was a change. This time Cassidy was helpful and did what she could have done in the first place. She apologized and was very helpful. She is very knowledgeable which put me at ease. Thank you to some member of management for responding. In my opinion that lets me know that this is a good company with good management that has integrity.
John P.
16:00 07 Sep 21
Could not of asked for better service. Received my machine found the problem let me know and cost to repair made the repair in a timely manner and returned the machine. Repair is warranted for a year.
Bethany T.
17:32 30 Aug 21
Great phone assistance to set up my repair as well as excellent follow up. Repair was done quickly and machine works like new!
Ronald L.
19:59 13 Aug 21
5+ rating from me. I was ready to purchase a new AirSense 10 AutoSet until I found Altra Service Professionals, Inc. My machine which has at the time of repair 11,359 hours on it. It was making a horrible whistling sound that would not let me sleep. Altra Diagnosed my complaint and quoted the repair for the water damaged Blower Motor. Altra used OEM parts and OEM service software to ensure my machine worked within specifications. The price is very fair and my technician Matt did an outstanding job. I'm sleeping like a baby now and don't have to rush and buy a new machine at the moment. Thank you Altra Service Professionals, you provide an awesome service for people that can't afford new machines. Thank you Mr. Dechello.Ronald E. Lee
Terry B.
19:14 07 Aug 21
I sent my Sequal 3 that didn't beep only in pulse mode, 6 weeks before my trip to Europe. 5 times I told them my flight date each week , essentially begging them to be speedy. The day before I flew they sent me the bill but not the unit. I had to buy a Sequal 5 that day for ≈ $3500. The repaired unit was since used maybe 100 hrs with annual maintenance being done and now 0% oxygen. I am disgusted.
Tom B.
22:52 12 Jul 21
The fast service and the comprehensive repairs were complementary. Unfortunately the device crested the same error fault three weeks after I received my device back. I shipped my device back this morning. After 500.00 in repairs I expect they will resolve the issues and return my machine without delay and at no cost to me. There guarantee should prove trustworthy.. Stand by for further reviews! I thought I received a refurbished machine.
Buck M.
15:09 23 Jun 21
Gold standard for integrity and fine service.
Ron F.
20:37 21 Jun 21
I mailed my CPAP machine into Altra Service co. because the humidifier and moisture stopped working. I was charged $310. FOR REPAIRS. When returned to me the machine was still not working, no moisture or humidity. I sent back the second time. When returned it still did not work. The Third time they said it would cost an additional $276. to replace the main board. I called the Resmed manufacturer to discuss and they said they could not talk to me because of HIPPA and I had to go to my provider. What a runaround. Since it is out of warranty, $586. to repair. I am very dissatisfied with repairs and cost.
David S.
19:49 19 May 21
After a very strange set of events that had me looking for a CPAP repair company, I found Altra via Google and I'm so thankful that I did. Free shipping to the store from my location in far west Texas, fast repair, a clear repair order (including showing exactly what you sent to them as in power cords, the condition of any filters, etc.), and fast shipping back, and I'm back with my CPAP machine. I can't recommend this company enough! Thank you Altra! God willing my machine won't go down again, but if it does, I'm definitely sending it back to you for repairs!
Stan K.
20:11 18 May 21
Absolutely terrific service! I brought a device in at 8:30, went to breakfast at 9 and got a call at 9:30 saying my device was repaired.Thank you!
Rod M.
02:14 18 May 21
Very happy with the professional service that Bob and his staff provide. I make it to Florida once or twice a year and I always have them service my concentrators. Bob is always easy to work with and he goes the extra mile to make things right.... That's good customer service. Highly recommend, Five stars....
Bryan L.
16:00 04 May 21
Horrible customer service.
10:53 20 Apr 21
I wish I could give you more than five stars so I'll give you five stars 100 times. More than happy with the repair of my Activox. I fully understand the issues you had to overcome. Altra is my one and only repair for my portable oxygen. Thanks a million look for me on my service day for my unit.
Joyce Z.
13:46 13 Mar 21
Great service. Part was available immediately. technician extremely helpful.
Eric S.
18:05 11 Mar 21
What a pleasure to do business with this company. They were quick to respond, quote was reasonable, and i got it back as promised in perfect working condition. Saved a ton of $$$ using them for this rather than buying another machine.
J D.
12:30 25 Feb 21
Very quick turn around and reasonably priced. Hope I don't need repair again soon, but if I do, I'll definitely use them again.
Kimberly A.
18:29 19 Feb 21
DON'T SHIP to this company they don't return the full equipment that you send them only specific parts they fixed. I send them the whole unit and not they will not return all the parts.I can't find something you have. I packaged it up and sealed it so I know all the parts where there. If its was unusual your employees should have contacted me and maybe it UPS that has the parts. I don't know the email i received stated "we have received your machine" NOT part of the machine. Not that there was something unusual about what they received . YOU OWE ME a CPAP machine.
Jason M.
12:49 17 Feb 21
One of the few repair shops for privately owned oxygen concentrators. It took two weeks for them to inspect and diagnose my unit. When I received my unit back (via UPS) the cover housing panels were not aligned and there were two hairline cracks as well as abrasion marks on the top of the unit. I shipped the unit to them utilizing the services of a UPS store in palm harbor, FL. Altra did not alert me to any shipping damage when they received the unit which leads me to deduce the damage was inflicted subsequently. They have not returned my calls yet to attempt a resolution.Update: they sent a replacement panel but it was badly discolored by cigarette smoke and had a broken clip. They are sending a new one now. I’ll update when that arrives. I added one more star for the effort.
Mary Kay C.
17:10 13 Feb 21
We have an oxygen machine in need of repair. This is the second time that we have had to send it back The office manager was extremely rude when we asked questions about the repair and the return. We can't get authorization to return the machine for repair. My suggestion is to find a different company for any repairs that you might have.
16:05 09 Feb 21
After reading so many negative reviews of ASP's services, I became quite concerned for the successful repair and return of my Respironics SimplGo Mini oxygen concentrator. It took five weeks to complete owing to a "backordered" part, but it was returned to me using expedited shipping once the part was received by ASP. My experience with this compny was a positive one and I plan to use them for my regular PM next year.
Brad Y.
13:24 06 Feb 21
Great job. You guys made it easy to ship to you, you quickly assessed my cpap, quickly responded with my estimate, made it easy to pay, repaired it quickly and I think the whole process from my shipping it to you to having it back was 2 weeks. My cpap was repaired at a good price and works great. Excellent service.
jeffrey W.
12:20 04 Feb 21
My machine started making noise an whistleing i cant sleep with it own and i dont know what to do sorry got fat fingers didnt even mean to hit a star but i think i got it i do appologes for the screw up sir
Michael G.
21:17 02 Feb 21
These guys are great. Kept me informed all along the way. Had a new motor put in my dreamstation. Had it back in a little over a week. Once I approved the repair they fixed it and shipped it on the same day... I would use them again
Bart C.
20:29 15 Jan 21
Five Star prompt service. After several years of use my ResMed CPAP was starting to get noisy once pressure was ramping up. The machine was sent to Altra, was prompty diagnose, repaired and returned. Now is working like brand new. Will highly recommend Altra. These machines are expensive, and even having insurance will not warranty that a new machine will be provided unless a number of years pass. Short story, my machine is working like new. Thanks Altra.
narasimharao K.
00:00 14 Jan 21
Carl S.
14:32 22 Dec 20
Not sure if anyone should use this company. After a almost $300.00 repair (paid) and a $30.00 return shipping (paid) cpap still did not WORK. Called them receptionist could not help me and just laughed.Poor, inferior customer services, had to ship the cpap back I will keep everyone posted on how it goes.
19:36 27 Nov 20
Customer service outstanding with same day reply to emails and questions being answered completely. The repair service is very professionally completed in a timely fashion with attention being paid to detail. I will use them for my portable concentrator preventive maintenance and sieve bed service next year.
yousuf P.
09:36 15 Nov 20
John L.
17:20 25 Oct 20
Fast and friendly service. They had my machine repaired and back to me in about 2 hours. Works like new now.
Blake B.
19:15 22 Oct 20
Extremely disappointed - I had to call them a week after they received my CPAP for repair because I hadn't heard anything. They initially said they didn't have it, but found it the next day. Two weeks later I still hadn't heard from them so I called again. They claimed to have emailed me, but discovered they misspelled "gmail". Eventually got their estimate, and it is around $50 less than I originally paid for the machine. Bad service, lack of response, ridiculous pricing - I don't think so. At least I can pay them to ship it back so I can have a reliable company do the repair.
David S.
12:02 17 Oct 20
After having horrible responses for over 7 weeks from a company in New Hampshire that I purchased an Oxygen Concentrator from, the folks at Altra service rescued a two week old concentrator is a very short time. I would highly recommend these folks. Good and quick service.
Robert R.
14:47 07 Oct 20
Easiest thing ever. Shipped using the label they sent, got repaired and back quickly, runs great! Great company.
daniel L.
18:13 29 Sep 20
After only 1200 hours my Respironics Simply Go needed major repairs ($950). Altra provided a complete diagnosis and repaired it in about two weeks, they provided shipping both ways, even returned it in a factory shipping carton - which tells me that they are a factory contractor - and kept me informed. There was a delay in obtaining a new compressor but somehow they prevailed. It is much quieter and no longer has low oxygen issues. I would recommend them to all users particularly if my experience with Simply Go reliability is the norm. Well done, Altra
Adrian H.
02:55 29 Sep 20
My machine started making a weird noise all of a sudden. I shipped it to them and they were able to diagnose the problem and give me a very reasonable quote. There was a long delay on parts due to COVID which was beyond their control. Now that I have my machine back it’s quieter than when I bought it brand new. I highly recommend them before buying a new machine.
Jerry L.
16:44 25 Sep 20
Very quick and easy repair process. Totally satisfied with the whole process. I will not hesitate to refer you to any of my friends or family.
henry W.
00:05 17 Sep 20
Like many people who suffer from sleep apnea, my cpap equipment is a lifeline to a normal life. So when my machine decided to just quit on me, I knew I was in trouble because of all the red tape it would require to get a new one. I searched the web and found Altra CPAP repair was at the top of the list. I sent my machine to them right away, they got back to me as soon as they received it. Got it fixed and returned in one week, from Baltimore to Florida and back. Meanwhile, it took 3 weeks to get a new one From Philly to Baltimore. Well, now I have a reliable back up if that ever happens again. God bless them, I prayed for a miracle and got one.
Jackie G.
19:08 31 Aug 20
Highly recommend Altra POC Repair. Exceeded my expectations in communication , diagnosis, repair, and shipping. It's so nice to know that this service is available to those of us that own medical equipment!
Dave Z.
18:20 30 Jul 20
Sadly my POC had to be forwarded to the manufacturer for depot repair, during the COVID pandemic no less. Throughout the lengthy repair process (no fault of ASP), Tony kept me apprised of the status and always responded promptly to my inquiries. If more businesses were run like this, the world would be a better place!
David C.
18:42 02 Jul 20
Repair of my portable oxygen concentrator was completely satisfactory. Works great now! Most importantly though is the excellent customer service this company provides. They kept me informed of the progress of the repair of my machine and all costs were presented up front before any work was started. When I received the machine back, there was an item missing. I contacted Altra and they sent one out immediately. I highly recommend this company for their professionalism and customer service above and beyond.
Nancy H.
18:19 26 May 20
What a fantastic place! The people are so good to work with and technicians do a great job. I am so thankful I found this business. An honest and efficient repair center. Very helpful receptionist too. Thanks!!!
william G.
02:37 19 May 20
I sent my sieve beds for a rebuild to you guys. you were very helpful before I sent them, and let me know as soon as they were finished. My concentrator works as good as new. going this route saved me alot of money and I'm very satisified. I just wish I would have found you guys before I scrapped my last machine. thanks again, bill grooms.
Nico de G.
19:52 06 May 20
Unbelievable service from Altra, the repair service they provide for the owners of a CPAP machine is unparalleled. After filling out the web form on their website the UPS shipping label was printed. After a few days I got a message that it could be repaired and a payment via Paypal was done. Very professional follow up from Altra and a clear background was provided for the repair, again thx guys will use you again when needed.
Mickey S.
01:53 24 Apr 20
I was in need of another oxygen concentrator and contacted ASP via their info tab. It was after hours and Tony text me within 15 min. He was working late on ventilator repairs and had been working for days to meet the demands of this nation during COVID-19. The next day I got the request for my prescription, sent it, request for payment, did it, received the unit in 48 hours. WOW, what service. Thank you Tony, I owe you a debt from my heart.
Mark S.
00:43 24 Apr 20
I had two Sequal Eclipse 2s that needed service. They had not been used for years. Altra POC made the necessary repairs at a fair price - much better than local suppliers in Southern California. I will use them again and recommend them.
Timothy G.
14:02 26 Mar 20
How refreshing to find a company that does what they say they will...and do it professionally and promptly. While jumping up to grab a puking dog on the bed, I pulled my CPAP machine (ResMed AirSense 10) off my nightstand. It started making loud noises...enough that it was keeping me awake. I've had poor experiences with our local DME providers and didn't want to deal with insurance hassles. So, I used Altra and had wonderful experience. Thankfully, I had another machine I could use in the interim. It took about 3 weeks from very beginning to end. Highly recommend!
Scott P.
17:42 19 Feb 20
barbara D.
17:07 01 Feb 20
I am very pleased with the work done by POC repair. They saved me hundreds of dollars. Our POC works perfectly. I recommend them highly
Kenn C.
22:37 21 Jan 20
Gary b
02:26 11 Dec 19
Perfect from start to finish. Everyone was terrific to work with. Great shipping procedure, communication, progress reports, detailed summary of repair, affordable, friendly and knowledgeable.I had both a home unit and a POC repaired by Altra, and can’t say enough about them. Good job!Gary B
Adil Nisar (.
10:29 04 Dec 19
Damon G.
06:27 30 Oct 19
Took over a month to get my machine repaired. They had my machine to examine and knew what it needed when they asked for their fee in advance. Once paid then they tell me they dont have the parts in stock to repair it and didnt know when they would. No way to do business.
K B.
15:23 25 Oct 19
Just got off the phone with them. I paid around $600 to get my S9 repaired as a spare when I had to replace it. Twice I took it on a trip and both times it did not work. The first time I called them and they asked me to reseat the card. When I did it worked. This is where I made the mistake. I didn't send it back then since I thought if it happened again I could just reseat the card. The second time I reseated the card multiple times and it did not work. I then threw it across the room. This, not very reputable, company told me that this violated the warranty. I told them that since it never worked the warranty was not worth the virtual paper it was written on.This place is a sham and I would suggest that you do not send them any money. But I will say that they were very nice on the phone as they cheated me out of my money.
Dave O.
01:11 15 Oct 19
Cassidy, in customer service, was EXTREMELY helpful in addressing my issue and facilitating my repair.
monel Ionescu A.
02:16 02 Oct 19
Kathy K.
12:40 24 Sep 19
This business has the best customer service I've seen in years and the knowledge to support it! I just dropped in to see if a concentrator could be serviced acknowledged me right away ,took time to look at device and problems. A Big Thank You.!
David and Dianne W.
17:49 07 Sep 19
Service was excellent. The repair was well done, and quickly, considering that I am in Washington, and Altra POC is in Florida
Tom C.
09:06 05 Sep 19
I was getting run around from Medical West in St. Louis found Altra CPAP Repair and they are the best!! Honest and got my CPAP machine sent to RESMED and RESMED sent a new system . THANK YOU ALTRA
Rob S.
15:09 26 Aug 19
Gwen L.
21:37 19 Aug 19
I am happy with the repairs to my concentrator. I now feel like I can travel with it as I need oxygen 24/7.
mary N.
02:17 14 Aug 19
Not an Eclipse. Since my app to you I talked to another repair person on the phone. The number in the trouble button reported that the problem was 08....that I understand means the possibility of needing a part that is $1000 through the manufacturer and with the repair company I reached a $500 remake of the defective part. I also understand from the representative that Sequal Eclipse 5 no longer being manufactured or sold and the company has been sold to a foreign company. What a bunch of bummers!!!!! We have a $2000 + oxygen concentrator that is broken and obsolete!!!
Vikki L
21:19 10 Jun 19
Great company to do business with from start to finish! Spoke with Cassidy who explained in detail the evaluation, estimate and timeframe expectations regarding my POC as well as the very easy shipping process. In addition, she followed up with an email which contained easy to follow instructions to schedule service and obtain a shipping label through UPS. Following shipment, a couple of days later I received an email to inform me my machine was received. One day later Anthony provided me with a detailed and very fair estimate, with again, very easy instructions to approve the repair if acceptable and make payment. Once payment was made the machine was repaired, shipped (from Florida) and in my home (in NY) 3 days later!!! In addition, I was provided a Fed Ex tracking number with my paid invoice. I am so very grateful to everyone at Altra for the prompt estimate, communications throughout the process and quick turn around time. Thank you Alta!
Anni S.
19:54 15 May 19
BEWARE - THEY CHARGE YOU FOR WARRANTY REPAIRSI've never encountered a company that charges you for warranty repairs because it costs them to sent the CPAP machine back to the manufacturer. Why do you have to send my CPAP back to RESMED. If you're certified to do their work, then you should have certified techs who actually work at your facility. Do you also get money from RESMED. I called RESMED and they are not on board with this practice. DON"T pay for your warranty repairs. If it's under warranty, I shouldn't have to pay for anything except shipping. I found a company who doen't charge for warranty repairs, has the techs that are certified ON SITE and will pay for the shipping to return the item to me. SAD.
Sherry E.
19:02 14 May 19
The employees at Altra were very considerate & helpful! Turn around to get my machine back was great! I would recommend them to others!
Robert K.
15:09 26 Apr 19
After a week of contacting two Major providers of CPAP supplies, and being told it was no longer in warranty, I was able to convince one provider to give me the name of Altra Service , a certified company that could repair my machine. Not sure why this industry is so difficult to communicate with , but we have definitely had our moments. I was to the point before I called Altra Service Professionals, that I asked the one provider, are these “throw away Machines” like our Television sets are? At that point, I think she felt sorry for me.From here on. , the story is All positive ! I called Altra and found out they were in Ocala, about 30 miles from my home. I asked the very pleasant girl on the phone if it was possible to bring the machine to them ? Absolutely was her answer, most of our business is mail in, but bring it up. She gave me a good day to come in, Thursday. I arrived yesterday morning, within 10 minutes, I was informed the machine was “still in warranty time frame”. Their tech was called out on a last minute repair, but the Boss Tok my machine back to the shop, checked it out completely, replace fan and motor, and decertified the ResMed Dreamstation. Within about an hours time, I was all set to go, a most pleasant experience by everyone I met at Altra Service Professionals ! Might I also add, the unit last night was as quiet as the day I received this BIPAP machine.I would highly recommend Altra Service Professionals, mail in or drop off service, they a very Professional company to deal with !
Leon A.
17:31 18 Apr 19
My wife had her Phillips Simply-Go portable concentrator repaired at Altra POC. Not only was the repair superbly accomplished, but the experience from start to finish was outstanding. Superb team!! The cost was reasonable and it was a pleasure working with Cassidy. Thanks.
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