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Some issues with CPAPs can be resolved at home. But when little tweaks don’t solve your problem, it’s time to send your unit off to an authorized repair center.

  1. An on-screen error telling you the power it is not fully connected can appear. Unplug the power supply from the back. If it has a light on the block of the power supply, shake it to see if it stays lit. If not, you’ll need a new power supply. If it does say lit, reconnect it to your machine by pushing it into the AC connector as far as it will go. If this does not make the error message go away, either your power supply or AC connector in the machine is worn and needs replacement. Send both the unit and power supply in so the technician can determine which is causing the problem.
  2. Ever had your CPAP blow super high pressure and you feel air coming out in the humidifier area? Try to push the water chamber in all the way for ResMed Air10 or Air11 models or make sure your humidifier lid is closed fully for other CPAP models. In the ResMed Air models, this usually fixes the problem. But if the air continues to leak or you hear a whistle sound, a seal could be warped or humidifier lid closure could need replacement. 
  3. As the pressure increases to your prescribed pressure, you hear a whining or other loud noise. This may take longer to begin if your ramp time is longer and may be more pronounced when exhaling. These sounds are caused by the blower motor struggling and indicate it is time for replacement.
  4. The unit lights up by nothing happens when you push the start button to begin therapy. Either the button connection on the main board is damaged or the board itself is damaged and needs replacement.
  5. Water from the humidifier got into the main CPAP area by either tilting the machine with the water chamber in it, or yanking your machine off your side table in your sleep. Once water gets into the blower, it causes it to struggle. If the water continues through the unit onto the board, it will short circuit. 

Sending in your CPAP for repair is generally way less expensive than purchasing a new machine. We provide quick turnaround so that you can get a good night’s sleep. If your CPAP is showing any of the above signs, go to to fill out the form and make sure to include what sign your CPAP is experiencing in the Brief Description box. You’ll get a link for a prepaid shipping label to mail it to us once you submit the form. Sweet dreams!

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