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CPAP Repair Cost

The most common question we receive is “How much will it cost to fix my CPAP machine”. To help answer this question, we developed a chart with approximate pricing for common problems.

Step 1: Choose the tier associated with the problem you are experiencing.

Reported Problem
Tier 1
(Blower Motor)
No Flow
Odor Contamination
Ramp Failure
Tier 2
(PC Board)
Blank Data/Download Problem
Thermal Odor
High/Low/Fluctuating Pressure
No Power
Auto On/Off not functioning
Service Required
shuts off *note: check power supply
Water Ingress
Blinking Humidifier Icon
Partial, Cracked, Cloudy, or Blank Display
Tier 3

Blower Motor & PC Board)

Any Combination of Tier 1 & Tier 2 Problem

Step 2:  Find your model on the chart.

Step 3: Locate the box that intersects with your model and tier level. That is your approximate cost.

Model & Estimated Price
Philips Respironics ResMed Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Remstar (150P) n/a $199 $195 $295
Remstar Plus (250P & 260P) S8 & S9 Escape $225 $250 $350
Remstar Pro (450P & 460P) S8 & S9 Elite $225 $275 $375
Remstar Auto (550P & 560P) S8 & S9 Autoset/Elite Auto $225 $325 $425
BiPAP Plus (650P & 660P) S8 & S9 VPAP S, VPAP III $225 $425 $525
BiPAP Auto (750P & 760P) S8 & S9 VPAP Auto/Auto 25 $225 $495 $595
System One Heater (All Models) H5i Humidifier $99 n/a n/a
System One Heater (Add-on Issue) H5i Humidifier (Add-on Issue) $75 n/a n/a

Here’s just a few more notes about the process:

  1. Once we receive your machine, we will evaluate it and determine the problem and associated cost to repair. We will email an estimate at that time for your review. If approved, we will email an invoice to you. There will be a link to make a secure payment. Once paid, we will complete the repair and return the machine to you.
  2. If your machine requires a more expensive repair than originally indicated, then you will receive a revised invoice with the additional amount due. You can either pay to approve the additional amount, or decline the repair. If declined, we will refund the original payment, less the return shipping cost.
  3. How long will it take? We maintain an inventory for most parts needed to complete the repair. Once your payment is received, the repair is typically completed within 3 business days. Please note that this can vary based on our current repair volume and part backorders. Once the repair is completed and the unit passes the certification testing, you will receive an email from us with the paid invoice detailing the work performed and the tracking number for the return shipment.

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Confused? Here’s an example of how to determine your repair cost:

My CPAP machine is loud. I have a System One 560P with heated humidifier. According to the Reported Problem chart, this issue is in Tier 1. Then I reference the Model and Pricing chart. I look for my model on the left side (4th unit down), then I follow that line to the right until I reach the column titled Tier 1. My repair cost based on this information is approximately $225.

Still confused? No problem. Give us a call and we can help you figure it out.

SLA honored for estimate and repair. Mom-and-Pop outfit but superb fielding from Connecticut office helped out tremendously to soothe my impatience.Unfortunately, the cryptic response to my post-service request for assistance leads me to believe that local service (if available) is the more prudent way to proceed.A new board was installed and no check was performed on writing to an SD card by the service technician - I did not foresee this exception. I will use a new SD card (after formatting it, of course).read more
Matha Goram
Matha Goram
23:09 10 Sep 18
Sent floor model oxygen concentrator from Texas to Ocala, Fl for repairs. Very easy online shipping arrangement. Concentrator returned within 2-3 weeks in good repair. Total costs including shipping both ways about $230. Sending second unit today and will follow up with new rating on this unit including repair costs. Seems to be honest, strait forward service provider. more
David Carroll
David Carroll
22:31 26 Feb 18
Outstanding service from start to finish.
15:47 18 Mar 15