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Philips Respironics DreamStation Repair

***June 14, 2021: Urgent: DreamStation Medical Device Recall***


6/15/2021: We have received direction by Respironics regarding the recall involving DreamStation and System One CPAP and BiPAP devices. Please note that this information can change at any time, but as of today, this is the very latest. 1. Patients are to discontinue the use of their DreamStation or System One device immediately. 2. Patients need to register their device so that their machine can be included in the recall by going to If you prefer to call for more information, please dial (877) 907-7508.  As a result of the recall, we are unable to repair Respironics Dreamstation devices at this time. 

We are a Factory Authorized Service Center, trained and certified by Philips Respironics, to provide Warranty and out of warranty repair service for all models of the Philips Respironics DreamStation CPAP and BiPAP machines. People across the U.S. ship their broken Dreamstation CPAP machine to our state of the art CPAP Repair Center in Ocala, Florida. We use the same CPAP repair parts, testing equipment, diagnostic and calibration software,  and testing procedures as the manufacturer. We’re just faster and less expensive. Plus, we guarantee all of our Respironics Dream Station C-PAP and BiLevel repair work for 1 full year! Click here to learn more about the CPAP repair process or average CPAP repair cost. Please note: The manufacturers warranty supersedes the ASP warranty. Any repair completed under the manufacturer warranty will follow the manufacturer’s warranty policy (typically 90 days) and is not covered by the ASP warranty.

We service all models of Dreamstation CPAP and BiPAP machines, including DSX200H11, DSX400H11, DSX500H11, DSX600h11, and DSXh700. PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to repair the Dreamstation Go at this time. Please contact the company that provided it for further assistance.

Why You Should Trust Us To Service Your CPAP

We are a Factory Authorized Service Center for Philips Respironics and provide Out-of-Warranty repair services on behalf of Philips Respironics for All DreamStation models. We are trained in the proper testing, diagnosis, firmware updates, repair, and calibration of the DreamStation CPAP and BiPAP machines. We can help you resume your CPAP therapy quickly while saving you money.

Does your Philips CPAP machine restart in the middle of the night? Did your humidifier stop working? Does your Dreamstation display an error code or service required? Did you know that there might be a software update available for your Dream Station CPAP? We can fix these issues and more! We repair all DreamStation models, including: DreamStation CPAP DSX200, DreamStation CPAP Pro DSX400, DreamStation Auto CPAP DSX500, DreamStation BiPAP Pro DSX600, and DreamStation Auto BiPAP DSX700.

See what others are saying about Altra CPAP Repair!

David Saenz
19:49 19 May 21
After a very strange set of events that had me looking for a CPAP repair company, I found Altra via Google and I'm so thankful that I did. Free shipping to the store from my location in far west Texas, fast repair, a clear repair order (including showing exactly what you sent to them as in power cords, the condition of any filters, etc.), and fast shipping back, and I'm back with my CPAP machine. I can't recommend this company enough! Thank you Altra! God willing my machine won't go down again, but if it does, I'm definitely sending it back to you for repairs!
Joyce Zega
13:46 13 Mar 21
Great service. Part was available immediately. technician extremely helpful.
Eric Seedman
18:05 11 Mar 21
What a pleasure to do business with this company. They were quick to respond, quote was reasonable, and i got it back as promised in perfect working condition. Saved a ton of $$$ using them for this rather than buying another machine.
Brad Young
13:24 06 Feb 21
Great job. You guys made it easy to ship to you, you quickly assessed my cpap, quickly responded with my estimate, made it easy to pay, repaired it quickly and I think the whole process from my shipping it to you to having it back was 2 weeks. My cpap was repaired at a good price and works great. Excellent service.
Nancy Haley
18:19 26 May 20
What a fantastic place! The people are so good to work with and technicians do a great job. I am so thankful I found this business. An honest and efficient repair center. Very helpful receptionist too. Thanks!!!
09:06 05 Sep 19
I was getting run around from Medical West in St. Louis found Altra CPAP Repair and they are the best!! Honest and got my CPAP machine sent to RESMED and RESMED sent a new system . THANK YOU ALTRA
23:40 04 Sep 19
I was getting run around from Medical West in St. Louis found Altra CPAP Repair and they are the best!! Honest and got my CPAP machine sent to RESMED and RESMED sent a new system . THANK YOU ALTRA
Rob Saldivar
15:09 26 Aug 19
Gary b
20:19 03 Jul 19
What a positive experience at Altra! From the ease of shipping, to the communication and detailed explanations of service needed. I can't recommend them enough. I live in the Northeast and it was like dealing with someone next door. It was also very affordable for someone on a fixed income. Thanks very much too, to Anthony Ingham and Laurie DeChello. It was nice to see some real names to make the experience personal. Good job everyone at Altra!Gary B
Derek Lucas
14:18 15 Mar 19
Janet Onnie
20:35 19 Feb 19
My cpap quit in the middle of the night. My medicare provider was no help. I delivered it to Altra the next day and before I was out of the parking lot they had identified the problem (the power pack was shot), and had a new part in hand. It was the happiest repair service experience ever. These folks are great!
Kayla Jenkins
14:18 11 Feb 19
That technician Matthew sure knows how to repair a CPAP!
Mark Linebaugh
20:55 26 Nov 18
Altra CPAP Repair is an amazing company. They have been servicing my Respironics CPAP macine now for 9 years. In that time they have gone above and beyond what would be expected from a service company multiple times but this last and most recent repair shows they are a company with a heart as well. I am on a fixed income and cannot afford to buy another new CPAP machine. I requested service and was told they could no longer work on this machine as Respironics no longer makes it and therefore doesn't support any parts replacement. However, Tony Ingham who I have had the pleasure of working with directly with their company in the past told me to send it in and they would dig up some parts to get it working again. Sure enough they had it repaired and back to me within 1 week. I want to thank Altra CPAP Repair and especially Tony Inghasm for their great service and customer support over the years and for caring about more than money. Obviously its a business and profit is the bottom line but they have shown me that satisfied customers and caring about individuals is also extremely important to their company. Thanks Altra and many thanks to Tony Inham!Mark Linebaugh
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