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What is your repair process?

Once we receive your machine, we will evaluate it and determine the appropriate Tier level. We will email an estimate at that time for your review. If approved, we will email an invoice to you. There will be a link to make a secure payment. Once paid, we will complete the repair and return the machine to you.

If your machine requires a more expensive tier than indicated, then you will receive a revised invoice with the additional amount due. You can either pay to approve the additional amount, or decline the repair. If declined, we will refund the original payment, less a return shipping charge of $15.

There is no charge for the evaluation if a revised tier invoice is declined.

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Our Flat Rate repair pricing allows us to complete your repair as fast as possible. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

  1. Choose the tier associated with the problem you are experiencing.
  2. Find your model on the chart.
  3. Locate the box that intersects with your model and tier level. That is your cost.

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