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ResMed S9 Series

Our factory trained and certified CPAP repair technicians service all models of the ResMed S9 CPAP and S9 VPAP machines.  Our CPAP Repair Center is located in Ocala, Florida. We use the same cpap repair parts and testing equipment as the manufacturer. We’re just faster and less expensive. Plus, we guarantee all of our ResMed CPAP and Bilevel repair work for 1 full year!

Want to learn more about our pricing or process, check out our pricing page. 

Why You Should Trust Us To Service Your CPAP or VPAP

We are a Factory Authorized Service Center for ResMed and provide Out-of-Warranty repair services on behalf of ResMed for All S9 models. We are trained in the proper testing, diagnosis, repair, and calibration of the S8 CPAP and S8 VPAP Bilevel machines. We can help you resume your CPAP therapy quickly while saving you money. Schedule a free estimate today!

Does your ResMed CPAP machine display an error message? Did your humidifier stop working? We can fix these issues and more! We repair all Resmed S9 models, including: S9 Escape, S9 Escape Auto, S9 Elite, S9 Autoset, S9 VPAP, S9 VPAP Auto, S9 VPAP Auto 25, and S9 VPAP S, and S9 VPAP ST.

If your ResMed S9 is still under warranty, we will facilitate a replacement unit for the low cost of $56.25, plus return shipping.

We do sell a few new CPAP machines with very competitive pricing. This is a great option if your CPAP repair is too expensive, are looking for a second CPAP machine to use as a backup unit, or a travel CPAP machine. If you have a prescription and would like more information such as available models and our latest pricing, please send us an email or give us a call.  Click on the banner above to contact us, email us at, or call our toll free number at (888) 551-5267.


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