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There are a few steps to becoming an Authorized Service Center for manufacturers in order to repair their medical devices. The process is different for most manufacturers, but this is the general flow. First, you need to “apply” to be evaluated. Most manufacturers limit the number of service centers that become authorized and certified, so getting a response is a step in the right direction. As for ResMed, we were found to be doing repairs correctly and quickly. Therefore, we were appointed to be appointed as one of three ResMed Authorized Service Centers in the United States.

Once dialog between the manufacturer and service company occurs, the ownership or management of the service company is interviewed and general business documentation is presented to the manufacturer, as requested by the manufacturer. Areas of interest to the manufacturer include the number of locations you have and when they are geographically. In addition, service capacity, processes, and reporting abilities are also evaluated. There are some additional hoops to jump through, but it is a lengthy and involved process.

Being an ASC, we have access to technical information from the manufacturer that is not otherwise shared with other, non-authorized service centers. We receive the latest calibration and testing software, cables and accessories, technical manuals, and discounted repair parts (which helps us provide lower cost repairs).  Our CPAP repair technicians become certified by receiving ResMed provided training for all devices that we service. In addition, we have direct access to the ResMed Technical Services team to help with any troubleshooting issues that may arise, or to obtain a second opinion on a problem unit.

What’s the difference between a ResMed Authorized Service Center and a Certified Service Center? An Authorized Service Center can perform warranty repairs on behalf of ResMed. We complete all of the required paperwork and submit it to ResMed on your behalf. There is nothing the customer needs to do to have the repair covered. There are times when damage or contamination voids the ResMed warranty, such as infestations or water damage, so be careful with your CPAP machine. In addition to warranty repairs, an ASC can also complete CPAP repairs for devices that are no longer under warranty.

Being an Authorized Service Center, we are monitored by and subject to audits by ResMed. We are only allowed to use ResMed parts when completing a CPAP repair. This is to ensure that your machine will be working to the manufacturer’s specifications, as well as making sure your warranty isn’t voided by the use of non-authorized parts.

Certified service centers have very little oversight, if any, and cannot perform warranty repairs. They may receive training, but there is typically limited support, which is the case with ResMed. The ResMed CPAP repair service software is required to calibrate and test all systems of the AirSense 10 and S9. Certified centers will not receive reduced pricing for parts, which in turn makes repairs more costly for their customers.

The ResMed Service Software is a robust program that allows us to evaluate and diagnose problems with the sleep therapy device. This software is mostly automated and reduces human error. If a CPAP machine is found to be out of the allowable specifications, we have the ability to calibrate the device and then retest. Using the ResMed service software ensures your CPAP machine is repaired and truly “Certified” to ResMed CPAP repair specifications.

As you can see, it is a rigorous process to become a ResMed Authorized Service Center. As a CPAP Repair company, it is well worth the investment to become an ASC. It provides us with credibility and provides you with peace of mind that your ResMed CPAP machine repair will be completed properly.